The Legal Practice Council (the Council) is being established in terms of Section 4 of the Legal Practice Act, 2014 (the Act).  The Council will exercise jurisdiction over all legal practitioners (both attorneys and advocates) and candidate legal Practitioners. When section 120(4) of the Act comes into operation, which is intended to happen on 31 October 2018 all persons admitted and enrolled in terms of the legislation due to be repealed, including the Admission of Advocates Act of 1964, need to be enrolled in terms of the Act.

The National Forum was established in terms of S 96 of the Act.  One of its functions is to supervise the first election of members of the Council.  The National Forum must establish a voters’ roll of attorneys and advocates who will be entitled to be nominated for election and to vote in the election.  The lists of advocates kept by the Registrars of the High Courts are incomplete and need to be supplemented by information from other sources.

The National Forum urgently requests all advocates NOT affiliated to GCB/AFT, NBCSA & NFA who have been admitted as such in terms of the Admission of Advocates Act, 1964 to complete the registration form below and return it, together with a certified copy of the order of court admitting the individual concerned and ID copy to Executive Officer NF or by email to  by 23 July 2018. The form can be downloaded from the NF (, LSSA, GCB, and all Law Society websites.

Please note that practising advocates whose names do not appear on the voters’ roll of advocates will not receive ballot papers and will not be able to be nominated or to vote in the first election of the Council.

Please click on relevant link to access the registration form:
Word Version of Registration Form: LPA – Admitted Advocatesfor roll of Advocates – NEW_
PDF Version of Registration Form:LPA – Admitted Advocatesfor roll of Advocates – NEW_