The on-line registration form for the October 2018 NOTARIAL PRACTICE  Examinations is now available.


  • This on-line application form is the only acceptable means of registration for the Notarial Practice Examiaations and should be submitted to the Society by the closing date being 14 September  2018.
  • Once the closing date passes, the on-line registration will be removed off-site.


  • Payment for the relevant paper/s should be effected prior to completing and submitting the form, particularly as one of the sections contained therein is a declaration that the relevant payment has been made.
  • Cheque payments should be made out to The Cape Law Society.
  • The Cape Law Society’s banking details are as follows:
    Bank Name: First National Bank
    Branch: Adderley Street, CAPE TOWN
    Branch Code: 201409
    Account No.: 5026 2871 202
    Ref to be used: EXN/OCT18/[Insert your surname & first letter of your first name]
  • The cost for the examinations (including 15% VAT) is R172.50



  • Please note that there is no facility to allow saving of the Application form for completion at a later stage.
  • There is however a REVIEW page, which generates once the application has been completed and you click on CONTINUE.
  • Whilst in the review stage, you have the opportunity to check that all answers have been fully and properly captured – in the event of any errors, you may click back to amend these.
  • Once you are satisfied, during the REVIEW phase with all your responses, you click on SUBMIT.
  • Upon clicking on SUBMIT, you should immediately receive a POP UP acknowledgement of the registration (if you do not receive such a POPUP, please contact Ms Thergeari Roberts at the Cape Law Society).
  • Additionally, you will receive via email, an acknowledgement of the application form, along with a PDF version thereof for your records.



  • Once you have registered for the exams, you will not be allowed to cancel and/or carry the payment over (defer) to the next examination. Should a candidate wish to notify the Society of his/her intention not to proceed with the examination, such notification must be in writing. However, the registration fee shall be forfeited.
  • Successful registration may not be transferred from one candidate to another.
  • In instances of special request(s) by a candidate (eg. larger font of the exam paper) and/or special software requirements in respect of visually impaired candidates, the relevant requirements should be detailed on the on-line registration form, for which space is provided. Medical certificate/s are also essential and should be uploaded with the on-line registration.
  • Should a candidate require wheelchair access, kindly ensure that the Society is advised timeously in order to make suitable arrangements.
  • Applications for extra time should also be indicated on the on-line form and must be accompanied by the relevant medical certificate/s. If the application is successful, the candidate will qualify for an additional 15 minutes per hour of the written paper. (eg. in the case of a two hour paper, the candidate will get an additional 30 minutes).
  • Whilst the Society makes every reasonable attempt to ensure that candidates are advised regarding the date(s) and venue(s) of their oral(s), it is the responsibility of the candidates to ascertain same immediately after obtaining the results, failing which the Society cannot be held responsible. PLEASE NOTE that the date(s) and time(s) scheduled for your oral(s) cannot be altered unless a special reason exists therefor, in which case the relevant reason (with documentary proof) must be furnished to the Society.=

REGISTRATION FORM (click on link to access):
Notary Exams Oct 2018 On-Line Registration Form